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The problem

Invisible Waste

Throughout Supply Chains, millions of decisions are made every day with incomplete data. Data silos that exist within Supply Chains slow down or totally restrict access to valuable data. Symptoms include manual communication (emails, phone calls, faxes), continuously searching for information, and time constraints where decisions are made with incomplete information.

In the language of systems, the feedback loops are either delayed or missing. The result is loss of revenue, reduction of profit, a Supply Chain that is highly segmented, and waste in the form of time, money, resources, and pollution.

the solution

Identify and Eliminate Waste

Transform your Supply Chain to a Value Chain. Leverage the collective data and knowledge of your entire Supply Chain and create a Value Chain. Gain a sustainable competitive advantage by holistically viewing your role in Supply Chains and building a Value Chain that benefits all stakeholders.

Raefton’s analytics platform connects you to your entire Supply Chain and provides the real time insights that are required for a Value Chain to flourish.


How We Help Get Goods to Market for Less Cost


Connect to your entire partner network with a single click..

Information at Your Fingertips

All data, in one place. Update partners before they realize they need an update.

Integrated Solutions

No replace required. Raefton integrates with your existing processes and tools.


Who We Support

Don't know the carbon footprint of your supply chain? Uncertain how much plastic is consumed within your Supply Chain? Tired of follow ups to make sure your shipment is on track? Let us help you look inside the black box and discover the better way. Just because it happens outside your organization’s walls, doesn’t mean you don’t pay for the inefficiency.


You accommodate all of the different systems and your aim is to get the best value and service for your Customers. But you are drowning in all the emails, spreadsheets, phone calls, web portals and faxes. Raefton is the better way, the new normal for the transportation industry. You keep doing your thing, only now you do it exponentially faster and at less cost than your competitors.

Freight Forwarders
Freight Brokers
Traffic Coordinators
Logistics Coordinators

You have invested in the technology to save on fuel, web portals for your Customers to access their information, have partners in place to service lanes where you don’t have assets, and still you just can’t seem to pull ahead of the competition. The pressure to lower costs is keeping you up at night. Raefton can help eliminate inefficiency in your operations. Seamlessly connect with your Customers and reduce trade lane costs.

Commercial Carriers

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