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Raefton is a woman owned organization, building a carbon accounting platform that will bring certainty to Consumers that their purchasing decisions actually support more sustainable products and services. We automate the flow of data and information by eliminating redundant data entry. We create a digital twin of your value chain.

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Cynthia McConnell, CPA CA

Cynthia McConnell, CPA CA

Founder, ceo

Cynthia is majority owner and co-founder of Raefton Technology Inc. Having held a number of senior level positions in multi-national organizations overseeing finance and accounting, Cynthia now provides this expertise as part of Raefton’s capabilities as a fractional CFO. Cynthia enjoys the opportunity to assist a number of innovative organizations, increasing their capability to implement dynamic systems that keep pace with rapidly changing business environments.

Cynthia also oversees the build out of Raefton’s carbon accounting system within the SaaS Value Chain Performance Measurement platform. The principles of financial and carbon accounting are closely aligned and under Cynthia’s leadership, these are embedded directly into underlying data processes.

An avid lover of outdoor adventures, Cynthia has a deeply rooted interest in assisting organizations in implementing sound sustainability practices. Whether it is canoeing deep in the back country of Algonquin, skiing the slopes in Vermont, or exploring Australia’s Gold Coast; through Raefton Technology Cynthia is invested to assist organizations to develop more ethical supply chains to ensure these same adventures and enjoyment can be passed to future generations.

Jason Van Rys, MBA

Jason Van Rys, MBA

Founder, cTo

Jason is a co-founder of Raefton Technology Inc. With a background in business process optimization, logistics, and sustainable service operations within multi-national organizations, Jason is now applying this expertise toward developing Raefton’s SaaS Value Chain Performance Measurement platform. Jason developed an interest in the intersection of learning organizations, innovation and sustainability and this has guided the development of Raefton’s VCPM platform; designed to speed up the rate of innovation for organizations looking for sustainability as a key differentiating capability.

Jason enjoys troubleshooting complex, systems-based challenges and is now applying this to carbon emissions and the creation of sustainable value chains. When looking at the landscape of existing sustainability initiatives, Jason has identified opportunities to speed up the rate of innovation, getting more meaningful and timely data into the hands of Consumers, as well as the opportunity to eliminate “greenwashing” and “greenwishing”. This has been the impetus behind building the Raefton VCPM platform – designing a system that captures all of the relevant data and makes organizations more efficient as well.

A part of Jason’s personal background is being a classically trained pianist. A primary lesson learned through this is the importance of virtuous, real-time feedback loops for continuous improvement. This same principle is built into Raefton’s VCPM platform.

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“80% Share of consumer emissions reside in the supply chains. To meet the pathway to net-zero, CPG companies need to work with their suppliers to secure green raw materials and supply. “

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World Economic Forum

“Supply-chain decarbonization will be a ‘game changer’ for the impact of corporate climate action. Addressing Scope 3 emissions is fundamental for companies to realize credible climate change commitments.”

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